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The LED head lamp
  • The LED head lamp

The LED head lamp

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  Product features:

  1, this product built-in capacity up to 800 mah and maintenance-free lead-acid storage battery.

  2, the battery using the latest technology, up to 400 times above recycling.

  3 and 9 product USES high brightness, long life LED lamps.

  4, USES concentrated two gears: 5 light save electricity, 9 lamp further.

  Second, the directions for use:

  1, charging will launch, ac plug directly into AC200V - 240 - v / 50 hz power socket, the corresponding charging indicator, adequate electricity need 12 hours.

  2, logical switch according to the first 5 LED lights for the weak light, according to the second nine LED lights for the light, the third is close, in this cycle.

  3, LED lamp power consumption is low, lighting time is long, sufficient battery, 5 LED lighting for 10 hours, 9 leds can lighting continuously more than 6 hours.

  Three, matters needing attention:

  1, in a timely manner after using the charging, not left the battery without electricity for long time, the longest charging time not more than 15 hours, if not often use, store every three months added electric about eight hours at a time, otherwise it will reduce battery life.

  2, do not use in the process of charging

  Explosion-proof portable flashlight:

  An overview, equipment and applications

  Portable explosion-proof torch is essential device for law enforcement is crucial, also suitable for field use of various kinds of harsh environments.

  Second, the main performance parameters

  1, the light source adopts LED, high brightness

  2, waterproof up to one meter, battery using high capacity lithium battery, long life, low self-discharge rate

  3 and there was light, weak light, signal flicker three models

  4, the tail is equipped with a hang rope, can hand carry or carried in a pocket